September 22, 2016

Messy Kitchen ? Oh Nooo. Keep The Kitchen Clean All Day Long

Simple Kitchen with The Simple Things

For some people, the kitchen is generally the main part of family home and the center of the bustling home, including me. I spent three times of the day in the kitchen ; the morning for cooking meals, the afternoon for warm up the food and making a cup of coffee for my husband, and I've never go to bed in the night if the kitchen still in dirty condition. Because I truly believe that healthy food starts with a clean kitchen :) 

We have an open kitchen at the open living area. Everytime I cook I feel like the kitchen ends up with a huge mess even though I try to clean as I can do, lol. For me, unkempt and messy equates to a big of stress, I always hate having a messy kitchen, so it is always the first place when I'm cleaning the home. Start my morning with wiping down the kitchen, clean up it after the mess has been made, then clean up it again at the end of the day. So when I get up the next morning, I'll be so glad for what I did :)

The Stove also in Clean Condition, Before & After Cooking

I always start with a clean scene, wash my hand with water and soap for at least 15 second before meals time. I also direct wash my plate after every meal times, because waiting for another meal or until the dishwasher seems so full can make you more and more LAZY. And important to wash my hand again after every dishwashing session. 

Is a cleaning habit good for your home and makes you feel good too ???