September 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dear Ira.....

When we were kids, maybe we don't really work really hard on our friends situation. Friends just kind of happen. For a long time, we were in a certain life our parents choose for us, and so are the people. We are in the perfect friend-making environment in college. Maybe they're the right friends or maybe not really :) 

But at the deep of my life, I just have a few friends in my inner circle. The friends who feel like sister and brother. Someone who closest to me, someone I call first when something important happens. We always exchange stories about our life, our hobby, our work, and laugh over silly stories. There's no greater feeling than being able to gather with my besties.

And for me, friends who always appreciates food as much as I do is one type of a good friend, lol. She also get the time and place for food any time and any place, whenever I want. Afternoon coffee, weekend brunch, or late-night dinner. Annoyed, best day, or bad day she always had time for that. 

She driving me to wherever I want to go. She always ready to try new foods at the new places. She know my favorite foods. Sometimes I'm ordering more than three or four my favorite menu because I just want to share with her and she never judge me for how much food I order, lol. We obsessed over the foods we ate and the books we read.

You have a beautiful soul. From you I've learned patience. I'm a better person for having you in my life. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Ira. See you at the right moment and let's get fat (again) together :)

Me and The Birthday Lady

We exchanged stories about our life, hobby, work, and laugh over silly storie

Let's get fat together