September 3, 2016

Daily Eating Habits & Manner of Eating (Part II)

Every people has a passion to talk about eat and food because eating is a part of our daily life. Talk about eat, the habit for eating rice in our country is definitely right. So it's better i talk about rice first.

Let me tell you. Rice (nasi putih) is the most important main course that usually eaten with omelet, chicken, fish, meat, vegetable and chilli sauce on the side which are served together. Actually Indonesians are too dependent on rice and commonly we consume it two or three times a day. No matter what foods we have consumed before, we haven't had a main food until we have filled our belly with rice, lol.

Me and my husband love eating together because it's considered to build togetherness. We usually to eat daily at waroeng (street-lined food stall) with lesehan (sit on the floor) or take home, with ice tea for most common drink because it's usually cheaper than at the luxurious restaurant, lol. We really appreciate our local food especially in Central Java, because Java have their own special food and have their own method of cooking.

But we also still dependent on Padang Cuisine, lol. Ayam Pop or Rendang has been choosen as the number one dish. We also love to eat Soto Padang, Sate Padang, and Dendeng Balado. We love how they've been putting a bunch of plates on the table then we choose what we want to eat. We completely understand why Padang Cuisine always have a place in most Indonesians heart and so special, because Padang people having good capability of preparing and make their cuisine tastes great ! The taste is so incredible.

Lunch at 'Sederhana' Padang Restaurant of Balikpapan

Oh well, there are so many ways to enjoy the foods in every country For daily eating habit and common culture in Indonesia, in supports condition we use traditional-style to eat the foods, we eat by hand. In some restaurant, we also eat by hand, including in Padang Restaurants. I remember when I was child, my dad taught me to wash my hand first and eat with the right hand. He tells funny joke to me, if i ate with hand, the taste of the fried chicken to be more delicious, lol.

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