May 28, 2016

Creme Brulee Person

In every culinary adventures, when i opened the book menu or look at the board menu, i always excited to reading the dessert menu more than read the part of main menu, lol. You know why ??? 'cause think about desserts, "the cute, little, sweet, irresistible, luxury, and insanely tasty" cake forever stayed in my mind. Whoooaaa, yap... i'm a definitely caramel cake person :)

Come on... who doesn't like caramel cake or caramel ice cream cake ??? No more question, i absolutely love. And i love the fact that i can (always) interchange the flavor of ice cream in the book menu like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or choco chip with my favorite one, caramel ice cream.

I also love classic Frensh dessert, the caramel cake, creme brulee cake. I've never met a creme brulle that i didn't love. One of my favorite dessert on earth. Smooth inside and caramelized sugar crisp outside. Truly perfect for any celebration i thought. The taste almost like i've gone to heaven *wing* 

But don't ask me step by step how to making the creme brulee yes, lol. 'Cause i don't think i could ever be so creative to make it self. When i think about what makes me feel my best and combines my personality, it's culinary adventure and writing it on my blog. So if you want to learn how to making it, you should read the recipe on google, eheeee :)

How freaking yummy these little individual dessert, creme brulee. Life is sweet :)

Creme Brulee at Bakerzin