March 18, 2016

Daily Eating Habits and Manner of Eating (Part I)

Do you and your partner eat together every breakfast ? Do you think it's important to sit down together every dinner ? I say yes 'cause it is about us :)

I would like to share what our dinners means to me and my family. When i was growing up in Balikpapan, i could always count on meeting my Dad and my brother at the dinner table around 7 pm after Magrib. Me and my Mom prepare the foods (even the foods didn't made by our self, xoxoo) and we would sit down together. Yeah... after finishing our foods we would discuss how our day had gone, talked about something spontaneous funny (my bro has a good sense of humor), and talked about our future plans. 

Now... I'm married and I'm a (happy) wife. Me and my husband love to eat every good foods and as often as possible we loved taking a moment by eating out 'cause he is my culinary's best partner. Having good mealtimes conversation ; about God, about what happened that day, about happening foods, about our next culinary, about our childhood memories, about his thesis project. The last conversation with my husband made me think about our eating habits after marriage. We really really found something new about interesting foods i like and all healthy vegetables his likes, about our food fight, about our eating habits.

The different between us is he eat a lot than me, lol. He does efforts to eat healthy. He always want eat veggies everyday but i still don't like. I hate veggies but i love to eat potatoes, fishs, meats, chickens 'cause i grew up with chicken or fishs of every meals. I drink a lot with my foods, but he will drinking after finishing his meals. I love to drink fruits juice, my husband love to drinks mineral water and coffee. I really like for my meals to have a lot of chilli sauce but he's not, lol. He's very supportive...

Every morning, me and mom-in-law together go have some fun making simple breakfast for our husband, xixixi. My dad-in-law always breakfast at home. But my husband is not a breakfast person, he's not wake up in the mood for foods, he just eat two times a day. Even he's not a breakfast person that doesn't means he's not eat everything, he eats bread and drinks coffee. Sometimes he dinner out the time when his busy schedule. But he always tried to go home early at (my) dinner time. We dine together even with the simple foods like Nasi Campur or Bakmi.

Sometimes i make any leftovers on my plate just for indicate that i've had enough, oh i'm apologize it's my true bad habit. But he teach me how to finish everything on plate and good reasons behind that, sometimes he'll finishing my foods. In supports condition, he try to not use spoon in every our mealtimes. He not talks to much when we eat. He say that it's about Javanese table manners and responsibility with God's gift. Don't forget to prayer before starting to eat :)

Now i understand that eating together with my husband builds so good relationship between me and him. We are having an open mind. And you know what ??? We have so many ways to make a balanced meals. May this moments always continue, can make us even closer, and always care each others...

Happy Family

Our Dinner Times