March 9, 2016

Bakso Tengkleng Mas Bambang Solo

Bakso (Indonesian Meatballs) is one of Indonesian Popular Traditional Cuisine was made by beef. Most of people in my country, Indonesia, love to eat Bakso 'cause we can eat this food in every condition, rainy days or summer, afternoon or night, yeah everytimes we want, and it's pretty easy to find it in so many place.

When i was child, in a bowl of Bakso Soup only served with some grains of small meatballs & 'bihun'. But nowadays we can eat 'bihun', tofu, soggy or fried dumplings, small or big meatballs, in a bowl of Bakso at the same times. Hmmmm... we can also choose the meatballs, smooth meatballs or rough meatballs.

Actually, i don't really like the smell of goat's meat. Of course i don't like goat satay too. But i really loves to eat Gule and Tengkleng, basically made by goat's meat, lol. Did you know 'Tengkleng' ??? Tengkleng is Surakarta Traditional Food was made by goat ribs or beef ribs, little meats still attached around the bones. Commonly, The Tengkleng uses so many Indonesian traditional spices on it that makes the gravy yellowish and very tasty.

Bakso Tengkleng Mas Bambang

To makes holiday with good quality... me and my husband want some fresh to support our starvation belly, lol, and the local weather today. You know what ??? of course Bakso, lol. We were trying a new sensation of Bakso ; two bowls of Bakso Tengkleng at the famous Bakso Tengkleng Mas Bambang.

Can you imagine the taste of 'bihun', one big piece of meatball, two medium pieces of meatballs, and 'tengkleng' in a bowl of Bakso Soup ??? So different, two thumbs up, and the meats easily separate from the bones. If you someone who doesn't like anything about goat's meat, oh not to worry. The Tengkleng were used here almost from 100% of the fresh beef ribs (97% meat and 3% flour).

Bakso Tengkleng

The Tengkleng

A dish of Bakso Tengkleng here usually costs IDR 20K and you can choose the other menu like Misokleng (Mie Bakso Tengkleng), Bakso Super, Mie Ayam Bakso, and Es Teller. The place was brightly, clean, comfortable, and nice large parking area. So, we were enjoying our food here. Whooaaa you gotta try it. 

Happy Holiday :)

Bakso Tengkleng Mas Bambang Solo
  • Location : Blulukan, Colomadu, Karanganyar, near with IHS Solo, Central Java
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 9 pm