November 18, 2015

The Best Pancake that I've ever Eaten

I've often heard many people says that actually pancake is modern serabi and serabi popular called as traditional pancake.

The presence of pancakes in Indonesia comes with variety of toppings. The simple topping like butter and the special topping like honey, avocado, mango, chocolate chips, cinnamon, fresh fruit, ice cream, caramel sauce, and more variety of flavor. As well as serabi, it has so much flavor like chocolate, chocolate cheese, banana cheese, and flush sweet sauce serabi. 

Nanny's Pavilon is one restaurant serves pancakes as their favorite snack. My favorite is Chocolate Pancake on Hot Plate ; pancake is served on a hot plate than flushed with chocolate sauce, and Avocado Pancake ; pancake with avocado sauce and combine with vanilla ice cream. It has soft texture and the pancake flavors are not too sweet. The smell distinctively amazing.

This is The Best Pancakes that I've ever Eaten :


Avocado Pancake by Nanny's Pavillon


Chocolate Pancake on Hot Plate

Let's try and taste :)